"Can I request a crackship? Between Simon and Taeyeon from Girls' Generation, please. :)"
asked by Anonymous

I’m guessing that is from the same person? If not, then uh…we’re sorry 8D But we got your request done even though it took us forever! We hope that you like it~

"Could you do a crackship of Simon and SNSD's Taeyeon?"
asked by Anonymous

Posted! Sorry for the long wait :C We hope that you liked it and hopefully request from us again~

Current/Received Requests;;



  • Simon x HyunA (4 Minute)
  • Simon x Sohee (Wonder Girls)
  • Simon x Suzy (Miss A)
  • Simon x Taeyeon (SNSD)
  • Simon x Kan (F.Cuz)
  • Simon x QRi (T-ARA)
  • Simon x Yoobin (Wonder Girls)
  • Simon x Jia (Miss A)
  • Simon x Nana (After School)
  • Simon x Ukwon (Block B)
  • Simon x Jessica (SNSD)
  • Simon x Sooyoung (SNSD)
  • Simon x Baro (B1A4)
  • Simon x HyoSeong (Secret) Is that right?
  • Simon x Dony (Hitech)
  • Simon x Jooyeon (After School)

We’re getting these done ASAP please bare with us!


Thank you to the person that gave us the idea for E ^^

"Are you still doing crackship requests?"
asked by Anonymous

Yes, we are and we’re slowly working on them since it’s hard to find gifs and videos to make into gifs ;______; Thank you so much for baring with us on these! Just request away~ We might get some done sooner than others.

"Please stop paring Simon with other kpop idols who are much better looking than me, it just tears me apart TT^TT"
asked by meosjinde

We’re really sorry ;___; It breaks our hearts too since both the admins here are Dalmates :C But it’s what our followers want so that’s why we’re doing it. Once again, we’re sorry -deeply bows-

"Are you still doing crack ships? If yes could you please do a Suzy/Simon?"
asked by Anonymous

Posted! Very sorry for the long wait ;___; We hope that you’ll like it and please request from us again!